At UNICE Dental Art we always strive to provide unparalleled customer service and support through our in-house consultations. UNICE Dental Art specializes in providing the highest quality restorative products and services; we believe that our outstanding products and services are the key to our success.

You deserve more, quality at its finest!

We pride ourselves on fostering a close and personal relationship with each of our clients, which is essential in the dental industry where communication is paramount for success. Our teams combined knowledge and experience allows us to collaborate more efficiently and effectively than many other dental laboratories, this helps us deliver the results you want when you need them.


Dr. David French (Periodontist)

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for UNICE. I have been working with Michael and his team now at UNICE for over 9 years. 

My practice is primarily implant surgery but includes custom abutment procedures for many of our restorative referrals. UNICE has been great to work with, keeping up with abutment technology changes and having a keen understanding of the complexities implant case planning.

UNICE's attention to detail has been instrumental in helping us achieve a high success rate with implant dentistry, currently at 98.5% on over 6000 sites. I can strongly recommend UNICE Dental Art for your implant laboratory requirements.


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Dr. Tony Pensak (DDS)

The common denominator in all successful long-term business relationships is the quality of the people involved. After long period of outstanding service, dedication, education and support from UNICE Dental Art Ltd.,  Collaboration and the highest caliber of dental lab work are Unice Dental Art's strengths.

I recommend UNICE highly.

Dr. Craig Young (DDS)

I am fortunate and honored to  have been a client of Unice Dental Lab for 7 years now. The quality of the work is second to none. Perfect margins, perfect form, perfect function, perfect contacts are the norm. It is rare that I need to adjust a restoration at all. Anatomy and characterization is always very "life like".

The last dozen full mouth reconstructions I have done with Unice turned out beautifully, again with very little adjustment required. 

Ultimately, when my patients are happy and healthy, so am I. Unice's work is undoubtedly the finest in the country and I am very proud to work with them!