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What is Custom shading? 

Every human has different characteristics on their teeth. There are many unique components that make up each tooth, these characteristics can be very difficult to translate from the dentist office to the lab technician.

When patients meet with our technicians in person we are able to check the patients natural teeth including translucency, surface texture, colour depth and crack lines; this process is called custom shading and staining. 

Custom shading appointments at UNICE can range from 10 - 20 minutes, this is a free service we provide to all our patients. If required after fabrication, we are available for final characterization of their prosthesis while they wait. 

Our technicians apply their skills and experience to capture intricate nuances and characteristics in colour, hue and chroma for the most precise shade matching. We utilize a DSLR camera system that uses both Nikon and Canon cameras for a dual-point flash, this guarantee's outstanding photo results. 

Custom Shading Process

Step 1: Lightness (value) - First, we use a tooth guide on the top row of teeth to determine lightness level. 

Step 2: Colour saturation (Chroma) - In the second step, we determine the colour saturation (chroma) using a spread of samples. 

Step 3: Hue - Finally, we check whether the natural tooth is more yellow or more red. 

Using this three step process, we are able to quickly and reliably determine the natural tooth shade. 

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